Day 91
Make water choices that are green.

There are little ways to use water wisely, like fixing leaky faucets, and even bigger ways, like tearing up the front lawn and planting a vegetable garden!
You decide what works for you, but think about how you use the precious commodity that is water. How much of it do you use? How do you use it? Can you use less? Can you install a water filter instead of buying bottled water? Do you need a shower every day? How often do you really need to water your lawn? Can you plant something that does not require as much watering?

Wash your clothes in cold water, as heating the water uses tons of electricity.
If we all can use less water, we will be doing the earth a favor, and if we all keep water systems clean, we will be helping to save her.

Day 92
Make visits to your local farmers' markets.

When you buy locally grown products, you support the local economy, local farmers and crafts people.

Buying what is in season is also healthy for you and your family and healthy for the planet.

When we buy fruits and vegetables that are out of season, they are driven or flown from far away. This requires the use of loads of gasoline to transport them to our local supermarkets.

Have fun creating beautiful and delicious meals from what you find at the farmers' markets. Use your journal to jot down menus and recipes that you're crazy about.

Enjoy your outing at the farmers' market, bring bags with you and get to know the farmers. I promise you will love your farmers' market adventure, and you will be celebrating and supporting the earth and her bounty!

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