Day 88
Make a garden and grow some of your own food.

Growing your own food is fun, easy and healthy. It also saves you money and saves the planet since the food you grow at home does not have to be transported so far.

Grow herbs in a pot on the porch, plant hanging tomatoes or some arugula in a bed next to the front door, or create a plot in the community garden where you grow everything from eggplants to cauliflower.
Instead of growing weeds on a fence, plant a row of peas and enjoy their beauty and fresh taste. Whatever or however you decide to do it, please grow some of your own food.

Decide what you can do, challenge yourself and grow things that you love. You can freeze extras for later in the year, give and trade with neighbors and enjoy the sense of pride that comes from growing your own food, all while reducing your carbon footprint.

Day 89
Make your own cleaning supplies.

Say no to chemicals. There are many common household products that you can easily use to clean your home that really work.
Vinegar is great to clean windows, showers and sinks. Baking soda works wonders in the toilet and as an abrasive for cleaning tubs, and lemon freshens the air.

Day 90
Make lights greener in your home.

By simply turning off lights in empty rooms, you are not only saving energy, but you are also saving money. Ask yourself if you need the lights on during the day. So often we are in the habit of turning lights on at the office—perhaps there is enough natural sunlight to do our job without turning the switch on.

Be conscious about using electricity, and if you do not need an appliance, unplug it.

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