Day 77
Make a date with a great book.

A wonderful way to step out of the busy pace of our day is to step into another's day. Reading is an excellent way to be transported into another time and place.

Life slows when you cozy up with a book and maybe even with a cup of tea. Read for 30 minutes or three hours if you can. Enjoy the story and get caught up in it.

Go to your library and borrow books, go to your local bookseller and purchase them and/or share books with a friend—just be sure to read.

Keep an ongoing list in your journal of the books you have read so you can easily recommend them to friends.

Day 78
Make tracks and take a long walk.

Walking may well be one of the most wonderful ways to spend an hour. When we walk, we walk off stress, tension, frustration and troubles.

As you walk, you move, you make progress, you go somewhere at a pace that is organic to the situation.

Walking, unlike riding a bike or driving a car, allows you to see the details as you pass by. Notice the shape of the leaves, the frogs on the ground, the buttercups as they blossom and the pebbles on the beach.

Make walking a practice, a habit, a thing you do every day.

This week closes with a focus on slowing down. Please take the lessons of the week with you as you move throughout each day.

Live deliberately by making choices that work for you, keep a pace that you want and remember the joy of the journey is not in reaching the destination, but in the ride.

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