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As a part of her program I'm Making It, Sandra Magsamen shares daily activities that will help you live a happier life.
Day 1
Make an I'm Making It journal.

This journal can be made from any book you want you use. It will house your thoughts, drawings, ideas, lists, pictures and anything you want to add as you make your life each day.

You can purchase a list pad from a store, a simple composition book, a leather-bound book or an illustrated journal. Choose something that you think is beautiful. On the front or on the first page, stamp, write or cut out letters that identify the use of this book, I'm Making It.

Use your journal to record your thoughts, feelings, ideas and resolutions. Make this your workbook of sorts, and use it to store and keep safe the precious insights and learnings you discover this year.

Day 2
Make a list of what you believe in.

At the top of the page write, stamp or collage the words "I Believe In..." and then start writing. Don't censor yourself—list everything and anything that comes to your mind! When you are finished writing, take a deep breath and read each line slowly to yourself and really listen to what matters to you.

Pay attention to themes, repeating ideas and patterns. Use this day as an opportunity to learn about yourself.

Day 3
Make yourself open to all the possibilities that can live in every day.

Say to yourself each morning, "Today I get to..." Think of each day as a gift that is to be unwrapped. Each breath, each step, each activity of the day is a treasure. Every new day brings with it endless possibilities for new experiences and continued growth.

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Day 4
Make nice to yourself.

Do something nice for yourself, something that makes you feel good. The possibilities are endless! It could be as simple as bringing in a flower from the garden and placing it on a vase at your desk, taking a long, hot bubble bath, spending a few hours getting lost at the library or getting your nails done.

Think about what nice means to you and what you can do to be nice to yourself. Ask yourself, "How do I take care and nurture myself?"

Remember there are no rules; you can even do two, three or four nice things for yourself!

Day 5
Make yourself a cup of tea, coffee or warm milk.

Brew a cup of your favorite warm drink and serve it in your favorite piece of china. As you drink, enjoy discovering its many pleasures. Focus on the details. Feel the warmth as you hold the cup, taste the sweetness in each sip, smell the aroma steaming from the rim, hear the ringing of the china as you place the cup back on the saucer.

Live in the moment, come to your senses and use them. Experience all your senses as you use them in this simple activity of drinking a cup of warm liquid.

Feel the joy that lives in this and every moment when we turn our awareness to it.

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Day 6
Make as little noise as possible and listen.

Try to spend the day as quietly as possible. Speak only when necessary and make as few sounds as possible. Make the day about listening to others, the sound of the wind, the song of the birds, the passing of cars, the crunch of leaves under your feet.

Write in your journal what you hear and what sounds resonate the most with you. Pay attention to how you feel as a listener and how life is different when you don't speak up.

Day 7
Make a thank-you card and mail it to someone you are grateful for.

Making cards can be as complex or a simple as you like. If you like to make things with your hands, go for it and create a masterpiece! You can do a watercolor, use collage, glue a photograph on the card or use stamps and write a favorite quote. Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy making something that you will give to another person to tell her that you value her.

Expressing gratitude for the people and things in our life allows us an opportunity to see and appreciate the abundance in our lives. When we tell someone thank you, we are acknowledging that she matters to us, and this may be one of life's greatest gifts.

There is also a feeling of accomplishment that comes from making something with your own hands. Pay attention to how it feels to make something, honor the process and your ability to make creative decisions.

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This week's activities continue to supply you with ways to explore and discover who you are and what matters most to you. There are also activities that encourage you to take care of yourself as you honor who you are.
Day 8
Make a difference in someone's life.

Often, we think that we have to do something big to make a difference in the life of another person. Today, try to find small ways to make someone else's life a little better.

Be creative, innovative and thoughtful as you spend the day plotting good.

Smile at a stranger on the street and see what happens, bring a co-worker a cup of coffee, tell someone she looks nice or that she did a great job.

Day 9
Find quotes that inspire you.

Today, take a few minutes to do some research through books and on the Internet until you find five or six quotes that really inspire you. Write these quotes and their authors' names in your journal so you can come back to them time and time again when you need a lift.

As you read the quotes, ask yourself if there are themes among them. What inspires you about them? Who would you like to share the quotes with? How can you use the messages within these words to better your life?

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Day 10
Make time to rest.

Take a nap sometime today. It could be for 15 minutes when you get home from work or for two hours after lunch. Take a break, step back and rest up today.

Reflect on how it feels to pull back and rest your body and your mind.

Day 11
Make a list of what your perfect day would look like.

Use your imagination and visualize exactly what a perfect day would look like to you. Write it down in your journal, describing as many details as possible. Ask yourself what it feels like. How are you different? What makes you smile?

Day 12
Make an effort to live your perfect day.

Review your list from yesterday and try to include as many of the things you imagined would be perfect as you go about your day.

What did you do? What didn't you do? How did it feel? Can you add more of what you love to your day tomorrow?

Get your final two activities to finish the week

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Day 13
Make some noise.

Tune in to your favorite radio station, play a favorite CD, play the piano, play the drums, hum a tune, whistle—just make some noise!

Be responsible for tuning in to or introducing into your environment sounds that are pleasant, that inspire you, that move your spirit.

Reflect on what sounds you love, what sounds calm you, what sounds help you to breathe deeply and expand your sense of well-being.

Become aware that you are the conductor of your space. You can introduce or remove sounds in your own unique way, creating a space that rings true for you.

Day 14
Make a toast to you!

Today marks a full two weeks since you began I'm Making It. Congratulate yourself, and acknowledge your accomplishment and determination to make it this far.

Pour yourself a glass of juice, wine, sherry or milk, and make a toast to yourself.

Here's to me
for living each day
with awareness,
and joy,
and here's to making many more!

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