Day 13
Make some noise.

Tune in to your favorite radio station, play a favorite CD, play the piano, play the drums, hum a tune, whistle—just make some noise!

Be responsible for tuning in to or introducing into your environment sounds that are pleasant, that inspire you, that move your spirit.

Reflect on what sounds you love, what sounds calm you, what sounds help you to breathe deeply and expand your sense of well-being.

Become aware that you are the conductor of your space. You can introduce or remove sounds in your own unique way, creating a space that rings true for you.

Day 14
Make a toast to you!

Today marks a full two weeks since you began I'm Making It. Congratulate yourself, and acknowledge your accomplishment and determination to make it this far.

Pour yourself a glass of juice, wine, sherry or milk, and make a toast to yourself.

Here's to me
for living each day
with awareness,
and joy,
and here's to making many more!

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