Day 4
Make nice to yourself.

Do something nice for yourself, something that makes you feel good. The possibilities are endless! It could be as simple as bringing in a flower from the garden and placing it on a vase at your desk, taking a long, hot bubble bath, spending a few hours getting lost at the library or getting your nails done.

Think about what nice means to you and what you can do to be nice to yourself. Ask yourself, "How do I take care and nurture myself?"

Remember there are no rules; you can even do two, three or four nice things for yourself!

Day 5
Make yourself a cup of tea, coffee or warm milk.

Brew a cup of your favorite warm drink and serve it in your favorite piece of china. As you drink, enjoy discovering its many pleasures. Focus on the details. Feel the warmth as you hold the cup, taste the sweetness in each sip, smell the aroma steaming from the rim, hear the ringing of the china as you place the cup back on the saucer.

Live in the moment, come to your senses and use them. Experience all your senses as you use them in this simple activity of drinking a cup of warm liquid.

Feel the joy that lives in this and every moment when we turn our awareness to it.

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