As a part of her program I'm Making It, Sandra Magsamen shares daily activities that will help you live a happier life.
Day 1
Make an I'm Making It journal.

This journal can be made from any book you want you use. It will house your thoughts, drawings, ideas, lists, pictures and anything you want to add as you make your life each day.

You can purchase a list pad from a store, a simple composition book, a leather-bound book or an illustrated journal. Choose something that you think is beautiful. On the front or on the first page, stamp, write or cut out letters that identify the use of this book, I'm Making It.

Use your journal to record your thoughts, feelings, ideas and resolutions. Make this your workbook of sorts, and use it to store and keep safe the precious insights and learnings you discover this year.

Day 2
Make a list of what you believe in.

At the top of the page write, stamp or collage the words "I Believe In..." and then start writing. Don't censor yourself—list everything and anything that comes to your mind! When you are finished writing, take a deep breath and read each line slowly to yourself and really listen to what matters to you.

Pay attention to themes, repeating ideas and patterns. Use this day as an opportunity to learn about yourself.

Day 3
Make yourself open to all the possibilities that can live in every day.

Say to yourself each morning, "Today I get to..." Think of each day as a gift that is to be unwrapped. Each breath, each step, each activity of the day is a treasure. Every new day brings with it endless possibilities for new experiences and continued growth.

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