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Lesson 2: The Body Sway
As you gain clarity about problematic areas in your life, you'll naturally wonder what to do about them. You can get clear yes-or-no answers by using the body sway. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, weight balanced evenly over the soles of your feet. Think of something you know is bad for you—frequenting opium dens, eating pork rinds, breathing heavy smog. Allow your body to move any way it wants. Next, re-center your stance and think of something you know is good for you (cool breezes, fresh fruit, naps). Again, don't deliberately move. As you test this with other stimuli—your beloved goldfish, your nosy neighbor—you'll realize your intuition is always literally pulling you away from harm, gently pushing you toward harmony. When you consider doing something that would be bad for you, your body will likely lean backward—not drastically, but noticeably; when you imagine doing something good for yourself, your body will lean slightly forward.