Low-Stress Holiday Season
Plan ahead to eliminate late nights, last-minute shopping and overwhelming menus. Clutter expert Peter Walsh reveals the 10 stress-busters you need to know.
Ease Christmas chaos

Test Your Etiquette
Before you head out to mingle at holiday parties and seasonal events, learn the dos and don'ts of good holiday behavior.
Take etiquette expert Anna Post's quiz

Plan the Perfect Gift Exchange
Whether you're swapping presents with friends, family members or co-workers, organization expert Peter Walsh shares ways to make gift exchanges fun and thrifty.
Secret Santa tips

Tame the Holiday Madness
Holiday cards and gift shopping have you tied up in ribbons? Julie Morgenstern helps you cut through an unholy mess.
3 smart tips

Holiday Get-Togethers
Gathering the family around the dinner table during the holidays is a good idea—if you follow these common sense tips.
Ways to make family gatherings enjoyable

Tricky Holiday Situations
Divided families, inappropriate gifts, "must-I-go?" parties: Jancee Dunn goes to the pros to solve your holiday quandaries.
Solutions to 8 tricky situations

Top 10 Holiday Diet Tips
Don't let temptation take over! Plan ahead for holiday parties and treats and keep your waistline slim in the New Year.
10 ways to diet during the holidays

Get Through the Holidays...Stress-Free!
Get holiday stress busters and quick tips for happier holidays.
How to keep yourself sane

Holiday Houseguest Hell
'Tis the season for inviting people over, which can lead to disaster. Avoid the anxiety and broken china!
The 3-step self-preservation plan

Jingle Bells, Jangled Nerves
Bad case of holiday anxiety? Three stress experts come to the rescue!
How to make it through periods of seasonal pressure

Holiday Dos and Don'ts for the Family
Tips and ideas for making family gatherings enjoyable.
6 rules that will ensure goodwill to all (even crazy Uncle Dan)

Shop Smart
This holiday season, stores are bombarding shoppers with rebates, sales, discounts and free shipping, but they may not always be the best deals. Jean Chatzky helps you find the best gifts at the right price.
Tips to stretch your dollar

Dr. Oz's Holiday Secrets
Find out Dr. Oz's expert ideas for making it through the holidays without gaining weight or getting sick.
4 secrets revealed

Tipping for the Holidays
Get the scoop on whom and how much to tip during the holiday season.
5 people you should tip

The Reasons for the Season
There are reasons—meaningful, moving, profoundly human reasons—for the candles, the carols, the shopping, the decorations and even the fruitcake.
Ways to get into the holiday spirit

Playing with Tradition
Try thinking about how holiday rituals might be refreshed, reinvented—or just ditched.
13 stories that will inspire you

Beat the Holiday Blues
For many people, the holidays are a sad and stressful time of year. Elizabeth Lesser offers advice.
10 ways to reconnect with the real reason for the season
Why it's never too late to have a happy holiday

Tree Shopping
What you need to know before you buy a Christmas tree.
The eco-friendly facts

On Your Own
Spending the holidays without friends and family can be tough, but with a little foresight you can make your alone time a positive experience.
Find out how

Banish the Humbug!
Don't let the stress and anxiety of the holidays turn you into a Scrooge.
Put the soul back into your Holidays

If You Are Inspiring, Your Holidays Will Be Too
Mile-long shopping lists, work fatigue, cranky relatives and demanding children—the holidays can be stressful.
How to cope with the stress

Single Girl's Guide to the Holidays
Ten snappy comebacks you can use whenever the dreaded "Why aren't you married yet?" question is asked this holiday season.
What to say to nosy family memebers


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