Admit Something's Wrong
After managing Al Gore's presidential campaign, I felt burned out. This was terrifying, because I had no idea what else I was even capable of doing. Luckily, I could at least recognize I no longer wanted to feel like the mother of 300 dependents (without a daddy to help and minus the sex).

Paint the House
I mean this figuratively, but after the 2000 election, I did paint my house—green with beige and burgundy trim (I had a lot of time on my hands). Making this small change empowered me to make bigger ones.

Ask for Help
Before heading down a new path, I consult with friends, family, and mentors. One colleague told me I should stop writing message points for others and write some for myself. As a commentator, I now get paid to do what I love most—talk!

Breathe Deep
When I finish unpacking a new office, I light an apple cinnamon aromatherapy candle, which reminds me of my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. It's a way to make the space my own—and to give myself a little recognition.

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