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Spend Money on New Activities
You may have noticed that when you take a shower the water that, at first, seems scalding quickly becomes pleasant. This is because you have the power to adapt to temperature. Similarly, humans have a kind of psychological thermostat. Just as the thermostat in your home can be adjusted to heat or cool, you are made to adapt to new circumstances. This natural ability is a gift, and it is what allows you to cope with moving to a new town or settling in to a new job.

Studies have shown that, over time, people can adjust to all sorts of new situations ranging from changes in income to widowhood. What this means, however, is that you can quickly get used to activities: What once felt fresh and exciting can turn into the humdrum of everyday life. When you go to spend your money on recreational activities, try mixing it up by trying new things: Spend $5 on a parking permit at a state forest for hiking, try a new restaurant or give bowling or ice skating a try if it has been awhile since you last did these things. Using your money to pursue novel activities can help you overcome your tendency to adapt and infuse a little happiness back into your life.