And Finally....Claiming Your Kingdom

I should mention that for Odysseus, Ithaca wasn't just any old island. It was his kingdom, the one place where, in all the world, he most belonged. That's right: Odysseus's epic adventure was all about going home. And so is yours—even if your Ideal Island is a place you've never been. Whenever you go somewhere that speaks to your soul, you are going home to yourself.

Of course, even after Odysseus's homecoming, he had to keep adventuring, to manage a kingdom filled with pretenders and thieves. But his journey had made him comfortable with uncertainty and improvisation. He mapped out yet another plan, routed his competitors, reclaimed his position, and rejoined his beloved wife. Then he ruled wisely and well, not in spite of his troublesome journey but because of it. Odysseus's destination was Ithaca, but his destiny was The Odyssey.

You, too, were born to become yourself by creating the experiences you live. Generations from now, your descendants will unroll the tattered map of your life, partly to celebrate your legendary homecoming, but mostly to remember the odyssey that was your real purpose all along.

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