As a doctor, I've met hundreds of depressed people who desperately want help, but how many of them were on the road to recovery? Most had put their faith in a pill or a psychiatrist. In some cases, symptoms can be relieved and progress can be made (although current studies show that taking an antidepressant offers no help in supporting other treatments or making therapy work better). But pills and therapy both have the same flaw: They approach depression as a disease.

As we saw, in mild or moderate depression, the disease model isn't needed and often does no good. The three ingredients we have been focusing on—outside stress, the depressed response and the habit of depression—take a new approach. They give you the power to reverse the underlying conditions of depression. I won't say the cause of depression has been found, because in the end your depression is entangled with everything else in your life. Because of that, you must reshape your life on many levels. Sometimes it takes very little to get out of depression—that is, if escaping a bad job or a toxic marriage can be seen as simple. At least it's direct.

Other times, depression is like a fog that cannot be grabbed in any one place. But fogs, too, can lift. The best news is that the real you isn't depressed and never has been. By setting out on the path to find the real you, you will accomplish more than healing your depression. You will emerge into the light and see life in a completely new way.

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