In a way, it kind of comes down to finding that delicate balance between being a mom and being a friend, doesn't it? Every mom/daughter dynamic is different, but from what I've observed with thousands of girls and moms (and experience with my own mom), the relationships that strike that harmonious chord are the ones where the moms treat their daughters with the same love, respect and openness they are wanting in return.

Yes, this is the time when they are individuating and need to fly, but at the same time, the girls say deep down they need their mothers now more than ever—the ways just might be different than when they were little. Sydney, a wise 16-year-old girl I work with, has this jewel to share with you: "You know your daughters better than anyone else, and your daughters know you better than you think. They want to give you that opportunity to take them under their wing again. I promise, they'll surprise you."

Hopefully this guide straight from the girls themselves gives you hope and ideas on how to make it safe for your daughter to open up and let you into her life a little more. You're already an Ask-Elizabeth mom, so I know you're on board to start putting some of these tips into practice. I'm excited for you to create amazing opportunities for a stronger connection between you and your daughter!

Love, light and magic,
XOXO Elizabeth

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Recognized by the London Times as a "fearless and committed actress," Elizabeth Berkley has demonstrated the versatility of her talent from comedy to drama in a host of successful film, television and stage performances. She is also the founder of Ask-Elizabeth, created as a safe forum for adolescent girls (ages 11 to 18) to ask the questions they have been afraid to—and to empower them with answers. When Berkley works with the girls, she creates a big sister relationship in a safe setting that allows them to open up and start talking and sharing. In these two-hour, interactive workshops, Berkley discusses themes like body image, fitness, beauty, family, goal-setting, friendship, dating, etc.—all important aspects in the emotional life of a teenage girl. Berkley has touched the lives of more than 30,000 teenage girls so far through her nonprofit organization. 

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