Will the real you please stand up? If you're not exactly sure who that is, join the club. We've gathered wisdom and guidance to help you navigate your way to your true self. Every person has a purpose. The real work of our lives is finding it.

ArgumentAnswering the Call
How Oprah found her own destiny.
Where Do You Start?
Anne Lamott knows where to begin.

Scared of Change? 
Amy Bloom on the inevitable...and what to do about it.
Your True Calling
Alain de Botton reminds us that we often discover life outside the hours of 9–5.

Career Revelations 
When they knew, how they knew, if they knew...
Who Are You Meant to Be?
A quiz to help you figure out what you're striving for.

Finding Your Path
Author Junot Díaz reveals the virtue of the struggle.
When You Know
Uwem Akpan on the moment he knew he was a writer.

ArgumentWhat Makes You You?
Four writers answer.
What I Know for Sure
The importance of listening to yourself.


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