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The Feel of Fall in the Tropics
Here's one more thing that we usually don't factor in to success: room temperature. But we should, because most of us are our most productive and error-free at a surprisingly balmy 72–79 degrees Fahrenheit, with a sweet spot at 77 degrees (25 degrees Celsius), than at cooler temps—so found researchers in a month-long experiment at Cornell University. At 68 degrees (think ice-cube-tray cubicles in over-air-conditioned offices) workers were significantly less productive and made 44 percent more typing mistakes than when the room was warmer. The worst time is the "post-lunch dip," between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., when body heat and hormone levels drop—and energy that could go into spreadsheets or blazing insights is wasted on staying awake and warm.

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