how to be happy on sunday

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Savor the "Full Coffee-Place Punch Card on the Day I Had No Cash" Joy.
Sunday malaise is not just about the looming week, but also about the passing one. I can't be the only one who feels as if life is moving too fast, like there are all these moments flitting by before I can pin them down and label them. I keep a note in my phone, full of incoherent reminders of amazing moments that I want to record in a better way than an iPhone note—and yet, there it is, precariously moldering in my pocket. One thing I’ve found that helps is to take a few moments on Sunday night to write a journal entry about what I was grateful for in the past week. Just the highlights, the unexpected gifts. The three flakes of snow you saw when you looked up from your desk, which never turned into a snowstorm and which seemed yours and yours alone. The fully-punched free-coffee loyalty card. The call from your phone-phobic brother. With any luck, taking a few moments to record these moments will put you in a better place for the week ahead: calm, observant and wonderfully open to possibilities.