how to be happy on sunday

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Make a List. (But Just One.)
There is an art to making a very fine list. This I know, as a descendent of a long line of inveterate list-makers. Lists can get you through any knotty moment, from packing a suitcase to keeping track of love letters: Just look at these incredibly beautiful specimens from the Smithsonian Archive’s Famous Lists, compiled by

Here is a list for your Sunday-night list:

1. Make your list on paper, with a pen or pencil.
2. Feel free, but not obligated, to make it pretty.
3. Include on this list some concrete things you hope to accomplish in the coming week.
4. Limit yourself to no more than 10 items, so that you don’t make it impossible to succeed in crossing off every last item.
5. Watch your stress dissolve as you write each thing down.