The star of the new thriller "The Next Three Days" on meatloaf, mouthing off, and the joys of bodies in motion.
Best Escape
A day alone at home with a full fridge. I can watch a VH1 reality marathon or lie naked by the pool and no one can judge me.

Best New Music
Har Mar Superstar is a pudgy little balding guy who sings like Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. He has fresh, funny lyrics—I work out to his songs.

Best Cocktail
I like a good sipping drink in winter—Maker's Mark on the rocks. You can splash some ginger ale in there if you want, but you don't have to.

Best Surprise
At the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, my husband and I saw a photograph of a giant red pepper with the word censored across it. I loved it. Three months later, it showed up at our door—he'd secretly bought it for me.

Best Home-Cooked Meal
Growing up, my dad taught me how to make a meatloaf. I like getting in there with my hands and scrunching the eggs into the meat. We'd roll it into a football and toss it around the kitchen before we put it in the oven.

Best Vice
A wicked mouth. And the best virtue is prudence in using it. Ladies should use F-bombs sparingly, but to great effect.

Best Shortcut to Feeling Beautiful
Anything that puts color in my cheeks: biking, hiking, playing tennis. What's the saying—"Nobody regrets getting to the top of the mountain"? If I do something athletic, I feel beautiful and strong.

Best Instant Mood Booster
Definitely sex. I'm with Dr. Oz on that one.

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