The Rev. Ed Bacon The Rev. Ed Bacon
Rector of All Saints Church in Pasadena, California, who explores why some deeply religious people are having difficulty reconciling their religious beliefs with the spiritual pursuit.

Daniel PinkDaniel Pink
Journalist and author whose articles and books, including A Whole New Mind, take a closer look at economic transformation and the changing world of work.

Jenny PhillipsJenny Phillips
Cultural anthropologist, writer and practicing psychotherapist whose documentary film The Dhamma Brothers tells the story of a group of prison inmates participating in a Buddhist meditation program.
Elizabeth LesserElizabeth Lesser
Co-founder of Omega Institute, a leading educational center for holistic health, wellness and spirituality.

Sarah Ban BreathnachSarah Ban Breathnach
Author of the Simple Abundance inspirational guides who promotes power of gratitude.
Maria CoffeyMaria Coffey
Author, journalist and adventure guide, whose book Explorers of the Infinite takes a closer look at the mystical and paranormal experiences of adventure athletes.

Rodger Kamenetz Rodger Kamenetz
Certified dream therapist who analyzes the psychological and spiritual depths of dreams.

Wayne Dyer Wayne Dyer
"Father of motivation," author of more than 30 books and speaker in the field of self-development.

Kathy Freston Kathy Freston
Self-help author and personal growth and spiritual counselor.

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