Cheryl Richardson and Martha Beck discuss The Secret.

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Martha Beck is a life coach, author of Steering by Starlight and columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine. She says she learned about the power of The Secret in a most unusual way. "I read the book on an airplane, and thought, 'Some of this rings really true to me, and some of it really doesn't.' I don't think just because I think of things they come to me."

As she got off the plane, Martha says she got a call on her cell phone from someone she barely knew. "[She was] saying, 'I'm reading this book called The Secret that everybody's talking about, and when [it mentions Martha in the book], I thought I'd call you.' I said, 'I'm not in that book.' Well, it turned out she was reading another book called The Secret that [wasn't as well-known] that mentioned me. So here I am thinking my thoughts don't create reality … I get off the phone, suddenly my thought becomes reality. So I thought, 'It works, but I have to figure out how.'"

When Cheryl Richardson, life coach and author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace, got a call from her 70-year-old mother-in-law about The Secret, she knew it was a big deal. "I thought, 'If that's what The Secret does, reaches people from all walks of life who maybe had not thought of this, it's done its job.' God knows that's what we need on the planet right now."