Tiffany Jackson, 23, is a professional basketball player. With a strong Texan twang and down-to-earth manner, she conveys a sense of self-assurance.

I was always taller than everybody else. In the eighth grade, all the guys were shorter than me. My mom told me always walk with my head up, I'm beautiful. She gave me such positive messages when it came to my body. She'd tell me, "Walk in the room like you own the room." And then I'd complain, "People are staring at me." She'd say, "No, you're beautiful. That's why they're looking at you." I think after a while that just kind of stuck with me.

When I was 14, I was already six feet, or at least 5' 11". My dad was giving me confidence as far as basketball goes. Your dad always has that look: "This is my daughter; she's so precious. She's so great." I just always felt so loved by him.

I'm very proud of myself. I love my body. I work really hard on my body, so I love that I get a chance to show my body off.


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