What does "beauty" mean to you?
Not to sound too cliché, but beauty really does come from the inside. The most beautiful people, I think, are intrinsically curious, open-minded and nonjudgmental. We all have a tendency to cast judgment on people, and I myself—I'm really trying to be much more open-minded about people rather than basing my views on first impressions.

How do you stay beautiful?
I think every individual, no matter how aesthetically beautiful she feels, will have moments of severe insecurity. But being curious and open-minded—that's what creates that inner beauty—and it lasts a hell of a lot longer. For me, I think treating people—whether they are hugely successful or not—with respect, and being curious about their lives—that is a beautiful quality to have. That is why I love Oprah—she makes everyone feel really important, no matter who they are.

If you could pick the one thing that makes you beautiful, what would it be?
The thing that makes me proudest is when I feel like I've helped to raise the level of consciousness about things that people otherwise would not have known about. That's what makes me feel really, really good...and I guess beautiful!

Why is it important to feel beautiful?
I think it would be a sad and lonely existence if you didn't love who you are. And I don't think everyone will feel totally beautiful with their outer appearance, but I love feeling good about helping people understand things, and raising awareness.

I have a dream job—the travel is really intense, but I'm loving every minute of it. As long as they'll have me, I'll do it!

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