What does "beauty" mean to you?
Beauty is something inside of us. If you love yourself and accept yourself, that shows on the outside. Beauty is an act—it's how you carry yourself.

And how do you carry yourself?
I am a very honest and confident person. I am a very normal person. I believe everyone is equal and I respect everyone. I'm appreciative of everyone and I don't take anything for granted. I've been happy with no money and I am happy with money.

What does confidence mean to you?
Confidence is very important for people. When you're good to yourself and you accept yourself and you're honest and you understand yourself, and you're not judgmental—that is confidence. You can work to make yourself better every day.

I'm very confident. It helps that I have the best family in the world. We are very, very close. I believe everything comes from the family. To be a person that is confident, it helps to have a family that loves and supports you and makes you feel safe. When you have that, nothing else matters. They love you even when you make mistakes. I'm very lucky to have a strong base like that. They make me confident, because they accept me for who I am.

How do you celebrate yourself? What do you do to take time out for yourself?
I'm a workaholic. I'm not going to deny that. I love challenges and that's what keeps me going. But I do try to make a lot of time for myself. I know my limits. I go to Brazil a lot. I have never spent Christmas or New Year's without my family. I jump horses and go surfing. I'm a certified skydiver. I love the outdoors and sports. I love adventure and doing different things that are challenging. They keep me sane!

Where does world traveler Lisa Ling find true beauty?


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