What does "beauty" mean to you?
Beauty is feeling great from the inside out. That includes feeling healthy, strong and vibrant. And I think that includes a connection to your sensuality—a positive, conscious connection to your sensuality.

It's fundamentally spiritual; my foundation is a spiritual one. Prior to anchoring my self spiritually, I had a very different perception of my body. I used to be a runway model. I looked good on the outside, but I didn't feel beautiful inside. My emotional perspective regarding my physical body would shift based on another's opinion of me. Upon cultivating a spiritual life and recognizing that the greatest beauty comes from your core, my relation to my body has changed and my overall feeling about myself has changed dramatically.

How do you stay beautiful?
I meditate. I've been practicing for [over a decade] and that practice keeps me in tune with my spiritual self and helps me to recognize how to get rid of the mental, physical and emotional clutter. I feel strong and clear and beautiful.

If you could pick the one thing that makes you beautiful, what would it be?
My family. It is one thing that has prongs. When I see my daughter, who happens to be extremely alert and inquisitive and beautiful, I see that beauty has come through me and my husband. So she is a manifestation of the spiritual, emotional, physical beauty that we are as a family. That's pretty amazing. And she does happen to be a beautiful child. Her spirit is quite abundant.

And I really feel fortunate to have a partner who loves me. He thinks I'm beautiful.

Why is it important to feel beautiful?
I go back to choice. We do have a choice how we look at our lives and how we look at ourselves. It's easy to bemoan what our circumstances are. But I think it's ultimately easier and more efficient to recognize the beauty in the moment, the potential in whatever is before you.

In the context of beauty, you feel beautiful when you are unencumbered emotionally and spiritually and recognize the beauty in the moment.


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