Gayle King wearing the Hips-sister

Photo: Joseph Zambrano

I've found the perfect accessory...
for anyone who's juggled her phone, iPod and baby at the supermarket—or gone for a jog with her keys. The Hips-sister has pockets, leaving your hands free. It's no surprise that a pragmatic mom, Sonia Kanner, came up with the design.

($25 and up;
How to Get Away with Murder cast

I know where I'll be...
on Thursday nights this fall: parked in front of my TV, watching Shonda Rhimes make history as the first African American female show runner to have a night of prime-time television to herself. Starting at 8 p.m., ABC has scheduled her hits Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal and her new series, How to Get Away with Murder (starring Viola Davis), back to back—to back. Thank you, Shonda, for keeping me up on a school night.

Photo: Davis & Washington, Craig Sjodin/2014 ABC Inc., all rights reserved; Rhimes, Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Women in Film/Max Mara

Photo: Melissa Hom

When I was told to eat my veggies...
as a kid, kale was never on the menu. Now it's in everything from juice to chips. And after trying the kale and apple salad at Beauty & Essex, a restaurant in Manhattan, I see yet again why kale is the new spinach. Check out the recipe now to try it for yourself.
Kate Spade taxi shoe

Photo: Kate Spade New York

Check out this very quirky...
Kate Spade New York shoe that I noticed on a woman in an elevator here at the Hearst building. It's fun, it's eye-catching, it adds instant personality to the simplest dress—and it even got a group of strangers in an elevator chatting like old friends. I like a heel, but if I were ever to go for a flat, this would be it. Taxi!

This Is Where I Leave movie

Photo: Jessica Miglio/Warner Bros.

What do you get...
when you put Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda, Adam Driver and Corey Stoll in one dysfunctional family? A very funny film that packs a moving punch. This Is Where I Leave You opens with Bateman's character having a really bad day. He discovers his wife and boss in bed together and then gets a call that his father has died. According to his mom (Fonda), his dad's dying wish was that all his kids spend a week together sitting shiva. Did I mention that each has issues to resolve? Don't we all? I loved this movie.
You are as young as your dreams and not as old as your calendar.

Illustration: Lisa Greene

I heard 91-year-old former Israeli president Shimon Peres say this during an interview on CBS This Morning: Saturday, and it was the perfect reminder that age is nothing but a number.