Oprah: By Unity, it means they accept all religions, right?

Victoria: Okay.

Michael: Unity embraces the teachings of Jesus, but not necessarily from a dogmatic point of view. The same thing with the Science of Mind. It's taking your life—it's a religion that gives you back to yourself.

Oprah: Okay.

The Rev. Bacon: Victoria, I want to say something very spiritual here. I believe in prayer. And I believe that when you pray and you ask God to lead you to the place for you and your family. And you persist in that prayer. Over time, that it will happen. It will be revealed to you. It may be totally surprising, unconventional, outside the box. It will be—it will come to you.

Oprah: It's like a—Rev. Beckwith was saying here. You have to stay awake. It will come to you. Somebody will be talking, you'll be in a conversation, you'll be in the supermarket, you'll be somewhere, you'll see it on the back of a bus, you'll see or hear it on television.

Michael: The signs are everywhere.

Oprah: It just—it just will show up and it will be, like, "Oh my goodness. There it is. There it was all the time. Aha! Aha!"

The Rev. Bacon: It's going to happen.

Oprah: Aha!

Elizabeth: I want to say one thing before we leave this.

Oprah: Okay.

Elizabeth: Which is that many, many churches—I don't want us to appear to be judgmental of organized religion.

Michael: Absolutely.

Elizabeth: Many organized churches, ones you would not assume, are way more open-minded than we may be giving credit to now. So maybe just go to your—to a few local churches and check it out. Perhaps things have changed some since you were a child. And I just want to not and out be smug about this and be judgmental of all organized religion because so many of the churches—

Victoria: No.

Elizabeth: —and synagogues—

Oprah: Are more open.

Elizabeth: —are more open.

The Rev. Bacon: And they're changing all the time.

Elizabeth: And they are changing.

Michael: They're changing rapidly.

The Rev. Bacon: Organized religion is changing.

Michael: As we were talking about earlier, before the show, there's a teacher for every level of consciousness or every level of awareness.

The Rev. Bacon: Right.

Michael: And where you are now, you wouldn't fit in that other box. You're now ready to do some exploration and some research into real spirituality. So you're going to find where you fit.

Oprah: You don't fit in the condemnation box. And I think that's interesting for every level—

Elizabeth: I love that.

Oprah: —there is somebody there—

Michael: For them.

Oprah: —for them for that.

The Rev. Bacon: You can tune in to our website and worship with us on streaming, okay? And we've got a good choir at All Saints Church, Pasadena.    

Elizabeth: Oh, yes.

Oprah: I hadn't heard your choir. I hadn't heard your choir.

Michael: And I'm having him speak at my church.

Oprah: Really.

Michael: Absolutely. I asked him to come on a Wednesday night.

The Rev. Bacon: Elizabeth is coming.

Michael: Elizabeth is coming.

Victoria: Can I find those on Your churches?

Oprah: Yes. Yes, you can. On Thank you. Thanks, Victoria.

Victoria: Thank you so much. That gives me such a—I guess a revving of energy that I can actually find that right way. I sort of just felt stuck, and thank you so much for taking the time. And thank you, Oprah, for doing this Best Life Week. It's been amazing to me in many ways.

Oprah: Thank you. Thank you.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Oprah: Thank you, Victoria. So now we have Tracy from Nova Scotia on the phone. Hello.

Tracy: Hello. My question is for you. It's more of—I've been reading books like A New Earth and books on the law of attraction and positive thinking, and I find while I'm reading the book I'm living a more positive life, and about two or three weeks after everything's great, but then about a month into it I'm back into my old ways and old way of thinking.

Oprah: Lose connection, yeah.

Tracy: How do you stay connected? How do you not slip off to your old way of thinking and that—that, you know, keeping that positive feeling and keeping, you know, more spiritual like, being more connected? How do you stay present continuously?

Oprah: That's the question.

Michael: That is the question.

Oprah: That is the question.

The Rev. Bacon: I want to jump in again. I can't say—

Michael: I'll jump in after you.

The Rev. Bacon: I'll jump in after you.

Michael: No, go ahead.

The Rev. Bacon: I can't emphasize community enough. You cannot be a whole person alone. You cannot be a fully alive person alone. None of us can sustain this kind of energizing life that we're talking about here tonight alone. We have to have companions on the journey.

Oprah: But doesn't it start with you, though?

The Rev. Bacon: It does start with you. And if you rely just on you, without these kinds of conversations, it will wane. So you have to get boosted. You have to have a revival. And there's a good thing about that in terms of the community. I'm sorry—

Oprah: The Bible says, "Where two or three are gathered in my name."

The Rev. Bacon: Where two or three are gathered. And Jesus always sent people out two by two. Not alone. And Jesus had folks around him all the time, and he had an inner circle of his three best friends. And he would go off by himself.

Oprah: And so by community, you mean—you don't necessarily mean you have to go and be gathered with somebody.

The Rev. Bacon: No, no, no. Quite the contrary.

Oprah: At least you can have conversations for me, you know, it's—

The Rev. Bacon: It's the Ubuntu notion that "I cannot be a person without other persons. I have got to be connected with other people."

Oprah: So for me, like my chief of staff, the woman who runs my whole office, I mean, she and I are on the same kind of—

The Rev. Bacon: There you go.

Oprah: —plane alignment and sometimes drive home together and we're talking about the stuff and talking about the day from a spiritual point of view. That's what you're talking about.



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