The Rev. Bacon: It is the all. And when we are in touch with that, we are in touch with how deeply loved we are and how deeply all people are loved.

Oprah: Yes, you know I started maybe 10 years ago in my prayer praying to "all that is God" instead of just praying to God because growing up I had this sort of perception of God as, you know, in the sky with the beard and the judgmental God.

Michael: Right.

Oprah: And so as I grew on my own spiritual path, I wanted to be open to all that is God.

The Rev. Bacon: It is an illusion that we are separate from God, separate from one another, separate from anything else. Spirituality is about the wholeness of our being connected with ourselves, with everyone else, with all that is and with God.

Oprah: Can you say that again? Because I do think that a lot of people, even very religious people, see themselves as separate from God. And spirituality is about the connection of the inner light, the lantern to that which is God.

The Rev. Bacon: Absolutely.

Oprah: Above around and through us.

The Rev. Bacon: When we are connected with the divine intelligence, which is all there is, we become intelligent and we become connected with all there is. We experience the all-ness, the oneness, the wholeness that God is and that we are inside, all the community of cells within us and with one another and with all the people in the world.

Elizabeth: And science—

Oprah: So God isn't out there. God isn't out there, but God is out there and in here and all around everywhere.

The Rev. Bacon: God is all.

Michael: Right. And I think a good analogy is just as the sunbeam is not separated from the sun, we're emanations of God, so we're never separated from the divine presence. We wouldn't exist if we were separated, because there's only one life. And that is the life of God, and that life is everywhere and everything is in that context. So to—to think you're separated from God is really an optical illusion.

Oprah: Mm-hmm.

The Rev. Bacon: And the good news is we can access that any moment.

Michael: Absolutely.

Oprah: Yeah.

The Rev. Bacon: By taking a breath.

Oprah: And so isn't— okay. By taking a—because I always feel the presence of God through the breath.

The Rev. Bacon: Absolutely.

Oprah: Yeah, that means you're—

The Rev. Bacon: God is the breath of God. The spirit is the ru-ha-ha.

Elizabeth: And remember when we did our webcast with Eckhart Tolle and he would say, "Take that breath. And then feel the life in your hands." That's a good place to start. Just feel the pulsing energy of life. And if you were a scientist, and physicists are now talking about this. You looked at your hand under a microscope and you saw the dancing atoms and how there really isn't much separation between them and the air around us.

Oprah: Yeah.

Elizabeth: And the whole earth. It's— sometimes people think this talk about God and separation and sort of not easy to understand and woo-woo but it's— when you think about it in scientific terms how actually we all are these energy fields of dancing energy.

Oprah: Yeah. And if you have any trouble understanding that, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's book, My Stroke of Insight, the moment she had the stroke in the shower, the brain scientist who had the stroke in the shower and she realized that the— exactly what you're talking about. The atoms in her hand and all around, "My God, it's all the same."

Elizabeth: Yeah, and sometimes—

Oprah: My God. (Laughter.) My God.

Elizabeth: And sometimes—

Michael: Everywhere.

Elizabeth: —as a form of prayer or meditation, all I do if I'm feeling disconnected or not connecting with another person, I just take that breath, and I feel that pulsing energy and I know that there's just the thinnest membrane separating us and—

Oprah: But that pulsing energy that's in your hands, which we talked so much about with Eckhart, is also the pulsing energy that's throughout the universe, and that's what we're trying to—

Elizabeth: That's who we are altogether.

Oprah: In everything.

Michael: See we're conscious of it. We have reflective consciousness meaning we can think about what we're thinking about. So we're conscious of this pulsing energy. Whereas this table, it's moving very rapidly, even though it looks solid, it's not necessarily reflecting back on itself. But we are. There was a great scientist that said that "We are the way the stars look back at themselves."

Oprah: Wow.

Michael: So it's the universe becoming conscious of itself.

Oprah: So Robin is Skyping in from her living room. You love all this talk, Robin? I could talk this all day long. I love it. The hard part is living it.

Michael: That's it.

Oprah: That's it. The hard part is living it. So, Robin, what's your question?

Robin: My question is, I left my dream job, which was very lucrative and very high paced, to slow down and have more focus and time with my family. But now that I've done that, I'm feeling unfulfilled. And my question is, did I make the right choice? Or was I wrong to take steps back in my career?

Michael: Well, Robin, what I would say to you is that you're growing and you're unfolding, so I wouldn't look at it as if you made a wrong choice. I would look at it that that was a step in your growth and unfoldment, and I would also indicate that there is something within you. There's an inner authority. There's a higher power. There's a wisdom. There's a guidance. There's an intuition. You can begin to ask, "You know, what is my next step to reveal fulfillment? To reveal the gifts that are within me that need to be expressed." But I think if you spend an exorbitant amount of time thinking you made a mistake, then you're going to inhibit that flow of wisdom coming through you. No mistakes have been made. You're your path of growth and development.

Elizabeth: I love that you said you didn't make a mistake. I think that's a big waste of time to think that because it's too late anyway. You've done it. So you're—you're going to put your—your car in forward now and keep going. But you know there's a wonderful book called Wherever You Go, There You Are. It's a meditation book, and what it means is that whether you move to a smaller house or a less stressful job, you, Robin, are still going to be there. The same person who was stressed out and not connected with people in your life when you were back in your old life, that's still you. So you've made a beautiful stem toward simplicity and showing up. But now you have to do the next level of work, which is actually the harder work, going within and finding out who you really are so that no matter where you go, your true self is there.

The Rev. Bacon: Robin, the only way we can become experienced is by having experiences. And you are becoming experienced on your journey. And just let the feedback come back to you from your heart and from your inner voice. I think you're going to hear us talk about inner voices a lot tonight, and trust that just for the next step. Just for the next step.


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