Elizabeth: Yes.

Oprah: Yeah. Because that's why how—there's so much suffering because people are resisting what is, right?

The Rev. Bacon: Oh, yes.

Michael: You have to accept what is.

Oprah: Your turn. And then do something about it. Go ahead.

Michael: First of all, we don't solve our problems. We outgrow them. That's really what's going on. And what I like to always tell people is what gifts are trying to emerge that we've promised ourself that we would set free that have got a little dust on them. We've sold out. We've acquiesced to circumstances. We've given up on ourselves. There are gifts within us. And that at the end of our life, we're not going to be haunted by what we went for. We're going to be haunted by all of the things within us that were trying to come forward that we did not try. We didn't risk. We didn't go for. We didn't activate. We didn't cultivate. There are gifts, powers and capacities, and the world doesn't have anything for us. We are here to be a beneficial presence to give our gift to the world. So we ask ourself, "What gifts are within us that I promised myself that I would give that I need to dust off.

Oprah: Wow. So Michael's book is Spiritual Liberation. Lizzy has two here, Broken Open and The Seeker's Guide, and Rev. Ed Bacon has a website.

The Rev. Bacon: With good sermons on it.

Oprah: With good sermons on there. So if you want to experience this class again or tell a friend who missed it, our webcast, because I believe all of this. I've been reading spiritual books for the past, you know, 25 years now since I had that moment in the church when I thought, "Judgment or love?" Our webcasts will be available on demand tomorrow for free here at You can also download the podcast tomorrow at And, of course, on iTunes. Tonight's conversation continues right after this webcast. If you're an Oprah Radio subscriber, tune in on XM 156 and Sirius 195. Elizabeth will be there taking your calls and answering—

Elizabeth: And Rev. Ed.

Oprah: And Rev. Ed.

Michael: I'm going to stop in for a couple of minutes.

Oprah: You're going to stop in for a couple of minutes. Be sure to log back in to tomorrow night for Web class number 4 with Suze Orman talking about the trance we've all been in and coming up with a money plan for us in 2009. We'll be taking your calls, answering your questions live. Thanks to Elizabeth Lesser. Thank you, Lizzy, Rev. Ed, Rev. Michael. Thank you very much.

Michael: Thank you.

Oprah: Helping us all to live with more passion and purpose every day. Bye, everybody. Good night. Good.

The Rev. Bacon: Good.


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