Michael: And it was bigger than I really don't—I never started a church before. I don't know how to do this. But the yes was bigger than that.

Oprah: Yeah.

Michael: And it was—it's in the moment. It's not fear. It's not courageous. It's just—there's no choice.

The Rev. Bacon: Right.

Michael: This is what the spirit is asking me to do.

Oprah: Yeah.

Elizabeth: But you know, Oprah, when our caller said it's so brave to be authentic?

Oprah: Yeah.

Elizabeth: It is the most ironic, strange thing that it takes so much courage for all of us humans to be authentic. We spend so much time hiding out from each other.

Oprah: Right.

Elizabeth: That's why what we're doing here and what you started with the webcasts and the Best Life Week just showing people being authentic is—is a liberation for other people to be so in their life. So the people who are calling in this right now, they'll all go to work tomorrow and be a little more brave to say what's real for them at work and keep the ball rolling.

Oprah: That's interesting. I remember when I agreed—you know, the January cover where I have my fat self and my thinner self on the cover, and even my best friend Gayle said, "Oh, that's so courageous of you," and I said, "Well, I don't consider that courageous because I've seen courageous people on my show all the time, and it really just is. It just— it just is." But I have learned this past month that coming out, you know, outing yourself for what is just the truth of who you are, you know? I gained 40 pounds. For a lot of people, that would be hard for them to do.

Elizabeth: If you asked me what is evil?

Oprah: Yeah.

Elizabeth: I would say the way we hide from each other. And—

Oprah: Oh, that's good.

Michael: That's good.

Elizabeth: And by doing that, we do each other such a huge disservice. Because then you think you have these interactions with people. "How are you?" "I'm great." You're not great. Things are falling apart. And then you go away thinking, :"Wow, she's so great. I'm not great. And then you're filled with jealousy and self-loathing, and if we were all just, as I say in my book, the bozos on the bus that we all are with each other and really admitted to each other our failings and our joys, we're just as afraid to say, "I'm great," you know? And we just—we just present one-eight of ourselves to each other.

Michael: Right. I call that the—the friction of fictions when we're—when we're not authentic and we're not real, we rub up against ourself and we create fiction—a friction with fictional characters.

Caroline: I love that.

Michael: And we're talking about being authentic and real.

Oprah: Thank you, Caroline.

Caroline: Thank you so much. I wrote down everything you said. Thank you so much. I want to continue watching you.

Oprah: Okay, thank you.

Caroline: Bye, bye.

Oprah: Kimberly from Leona Valley, California, is on the phone. Kimberly.

Kimberly: Hi. Good evening, everyone.

Michael: Hi.  

Kimberly: Well, this past year I have faced a great amount of adversity, and mostly this includes, I think with many people out there, financially my career is at a standstill, which is my passion working with animals. I'm fighting for my home. It's in foreclosure, but I'm fighting, you know, for that. And I—I'm—I'm a fighter. So anyway, that's going on. I've lost my mother in the past two months. My grandmother last year passed away. And my health, of course, is being affected in all this. I am one of those people that, like I said, I'm a fighter. I read. I'm spiritual. But at this point, my question is pretty much my inner light is very dark and how do I regain my strength and hope? I have so many blessings and I'm so thankful for so many things. But I kind of feel like an implosion.

Oprah: Implosion.

Michael: Breaking open.

The Rev. Bacon: Do you want to go?

Elizabeth: No, you go.

The Rev. Bacon: Kimberly, thanks for calling. I'm going to say this to you because you're a fighter and you're in touch with your power. I don't think I would say it to everybody who would call in about a crisis. I've been saying to myself and to my staff colleagues and everyone I know as a mantra something I read from Rahm Emanuel who is the chief of staff of the President-elect Obama. And he says, "Never let a crisis go to waste." Use that as an opportunity to do something you've always wanted to do but you've never given yourself permission to do. Fighters can hear that and do something about it. Now, one other word. You may feel like you're imploding. But you are a person of power and you know what it feels like to be powerful. And my experience with that kind of power, this is good power. This is not dominating open pressing power. This is liberating, empowering power. When you act on it, it comes back into you in a miraculous way. And I have the sense, I had the sense as soon as you started talking, Kimberly, that you are that person.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

The Rev. Bacon: So I think that you have the vision to not let this crisis go to waste and to take the opportunity to do something you've always wanted to do and you've never given yourself permission to do.

Michael: Right. There is something trying to emerge. Sometimes—I really appreciate the way you answered that. Very powerful. Sometimes I'll say that every problem is a question trying to ask itself and every question is an answer trying to reveal itself. And every answer is an action or a way of life trying to show up. So this problem—

Oprah: You need to say that slower. It's a little later for me. Say it again?

Michael: You're just waking up from South Africa.

Oprah: Yeah. So every problem—

Michael: Every problem is a question that's trying to ask itself.

Oprah: Okay.

Michael: And so the universe is trying to get her to ask a question right now.

Oprah: Okay.

Michael: You know, she has financial issues. Some emotional issues. So there's a question that's trying to ask itself. There's a quality that's trying to emerge. Now—and so the question has something to do, what is the nature of peace of mind? What is the nature of the gift that's trying to express itself? What is the nature of what's trying to emerge in her life?



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