Wisdom on Your Path

1. Invest some personal time reflecting on your definition of meaning and purpose so that you can be clear about what you are truly seeking. If it's love or a career or wealth that you really want, then don't confuse any of those goals with meaning and purpose. It's not that love is without meaning, by the way, but another person cannot be the source of your own meaning and purpose. The ultimate source has to come from within you, lest you come to believe that unless someone loves you, your life has no meaning or purpose.

2. Meaning and purpose is fundamentally a spiritual quest, not a job search. The idea that a person can "have it all" is hybrid myth that has done a lot more harm than good. As one wise person said to me once: "Why would you want it all? Where would you put it?"

3. Purpose and meaning is a quality of grace you are capable of introducing into any number of situations. These attributes of the spirit are earned as a result of you investing your own energies into something and then witnessing the result of your own creativity upon the well-being of others. Purpose and meaning are not found; they are earned.

4. Service to life is an essential ingredient to creating a meaningful and purposeful life.

5. Reflect on what has given and presently gives your life meaning—start there. Know yourself first.

Caroline Myss has been in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness for 20 years. Since 1982, she has worked as a medical intuitive, providing individuals with an evaluation of the health of their energetic anatomy system. She specializes in assisting people in understanding the emotional, psychological and physical reasons their bodies have developed an illness. Myss is a New York Times best-selling author whose books include Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don't Heal and How They Can, Sacred Contracts and Entering the Castle. Myss' latest book, Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason, was published by Hay House in October 2009. Visit her website at

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