Keep in mind that if you're looking for a person or place to truly make you blissful, you'll be searching endlessly. "We've forgotten where happiness really is," Dr. Holden says. "It's your original nature. That's why authenticity is the key to happiness—because the more true you are to yourself, the happier you'll be."

When you stray from the idea that happiness is inside of you, you start turning to people and things to make you happy, Dr. Holden says. "We've put happiness outside of ourselves; we've put it into our job, into our bank account, our relationships," he says. "You've become so preoccupied with the search for happiness that you've actually forgotten that you're already happy. Searching mode makes happiness external: It's an outward-directed activity. Following your joy is an internal one."

Once you focus on finding happiness inside yourself and you're in tune with your authentic self, how easy is it to remain in this state of bliss? "To stay happy, you have to just keep tuning into happiness inside you. That makes it less of a workout, which requires blood, sweat and tears. Lots and lots of effort."

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