Life will present you with countless opportunities to crack open to your divine nature. Most often, these appear during times of great distress. It is during these times that you have the opportunity to explore your inner world and begin the sacred process of becoming intimate with the totality of who you are, with your light as well as your darkness, your wins as well as your losses, your blessings as well as your disappointments. Your pain, when examined and embraced, becomes your spiritual director, inspiring new beginnings and ultimately leading you to emotional freedom and the liberation of your soul. But you don't have to wait until a moment of crisis or great pain to access the gift. There is another way to break through this often-impenetrable wall. The Consciousness Cleanse will help you to digest feelings and experiences you may have been running from for years. Each day of the cleanse is designed to call you into the vastness of who you are, unveiling the grandness and greatness of what is possible for your life. That is why it's imperative for you to unhook from the ego-driven life: so that you can reorganize your consciousness and live a soul-centered, heart-inspired life. And so I am asking you to unhook from the outer world and reconnect, on everdeepening levels, with your inner world; to commit twenty-one days—just twenty-one days of your entire life—to your inner journey. It's such a small amount of time, but the payoffs are immeasurable. If you dare to clear the container to your consciousness, you will access feelings of love, compassion, joy, and deep peace. You will create the space for inspiration, creativity, and the genius of your soul to come through you. When your consciousness is clear, you can see that all you need to sustain and satisfy yourself already exists within—not on the outside of you, but on the inside of you.

If you are seriously considering the 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse, it is because, more than likely, you know there is far more for you than you are experiencing right now. Mediocrity in any area of your life is no longer an option, because either your pain is too great or your desire for having it all is too compelling. You want more, and you know you deserve more. You know there is something you're not getting, and you are ready to get it. So today is a perfect day for you to take back your power from the outer world, turn inward, and embark on the journey of reconnecting with the spirit that moves you. It is inside this structured program that you can clean out the container of your own consciousness, enabling you to experience your most soulful self.

Love for the human journey—for all its challenges and joys—will chip away at the hardened shell of our limited self. I'll never forget hearing Waylon Jennings sing, "I was looking for love in all the wrong places." I was haunted for months by these words, because they triggered the recognition of a deeper truth—a truth that altered the very nature of my existence. I saw that he wasn't singing about just romantic love, but rather a universal truth that we all needed to come to terms with. Most of us are looking for love, happiness, and fulfillment in all the wrong places. After teaching for fifteen years and interviewing thousands of people who appear to be living great lives, I can assure you this is true for almost everyone. Anyone with great success will more than likely tell you they needed more than their outside accomplishments in order to be happy, content, and fulfilled. Why? Because what our souls are hungry for is something we can't buy with accomplishment, money, or charm—something we can't even get from another human being. The truth is there is only one source of pure, unconditional, never-ending bliss, and that source resides inside of us. The only cost? Our devotion.

It may seem simplistic, but in this outer-driven world, it is easier to ignore the inner calling of your soul and buy into the extreme rationalizations of your human mind. Living a life of devotion to your highest self is a lifelong, daily pursuit. And it seems difficult only because you've been trained to look to the external world to get your needs met, to get the good feelings you're looking for. You think that if only you get the right body or the right relationship, if only you get that project finished or have all the love and money you want…you're sure there must be something in the external world that will finally deliver to you the satisfaction you crave deep within your soul.
Excerpted from The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford. ©2009 by Debbie Ford. Excerpted by permission HarperCollins. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.


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