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Encouraging Words to End Stress Eating
Adopting a more positive outlook takes some effort and practice. Say the following statements out loud several times a day.

You can train your mind to bring affirming statements into your consciousness automatically. Choose one or more that resonate with you. Write the statements on cards and place them in easy-to-see locations, like your car's dashboard, a mirror, a door, or on your telephone.

When you say these affirmations, try to stay in the present. Instead of saying, "I will learn how to stop stress eating," say, "I am learning how to stop stress eating right now." Here are some examples you may find helpful:
  • I'm on the road to feeling calmer.
  • Eating won't resolve this problem.
  • I'm good at tackling a challenge head-on.
  • I can do this. It just takes time.
  • I can wait. My hunger will pass with a little patience.
  • I can soothe myself. I don't need food to do that.
  • I am going to feel less stressed any minute. I can hang in here.
  • I enjoy being healthy.
  • I feel good inside, and my outer body is just about to catch up with me.