You might not have had a turtle adventure, but we all have experiences every day that are filled with valuable and beautiful lessons. It is important for all of us, no matter what age, to keep learning. To learn lessons from traditional schooling is vitally important, as is recognizing and learning from our own life experiences. When we engage in learning every day, we increase our happiness and expand our potential as we continue to grow our spirit and self. I love this quote from the ancient philosopher Confucius—it is a simple reminder that we each have to be fully present and participate so that we may continue to learn:

"What I hear, I forget.

What I see, I remember.

What I do, I understand."

As you go through your day, seek out the lessons and the learning that is part of living. Get your curiosity starting to bubble again, ask questions, wonder, search, seek, discover, uncover and explore. If you have children, make learning a part of every day—not just a school day.

There are lessons all around us. Here are a few to consider...


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