Karen, curious about the nests she had seen earlier in the week, had gone online and discovered all sorts of facts and fascinating things about the turtles.

She learned that...
  • Loggerhead turtles have existed on Earth for millions of years.
  • In the summer, the loggerhead sea turtle leaves the water during the night and crawls ashore to lay her eggs in a sandy nest.
  • The turtle, weighing anywhere from 250 to 400 pounds, digs a nest cavity with her rear flippers then deposits approximately 100 ping-pong ball sized eggs into the chamber. She then covers the eggs with sand and returns to the sea.
  • In about two months, a cluster of tiny hatchlings emerge from the sand.
  • A very small percentage of hatchlings survive to maturity.
  • The hatchlings will return to the same beach later in their life to lay their own eggs.
During the 3-hour turtle adventure, Karen was able to share all the new found knowledge with the other people on the beach. Everyone loved learning the facts about the turtles and marveled in the remarkable journey that was ahead of the babies. This unexpected afternoon adventure unfolded into a day filled with learning, connecting with others, being inspired by nature and self discovery.


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