Drive or walk a different way to work
You will discover a world right around a corner you have not yet passed. Become a tourist in your own town and seek out museums, restaurants, vintage movie theaters, libraries and places that hold interest to you.

Go strawberry picking and make some jam
There is something so wonderful about picking strawberries on a sunny day and eating the little red beauties right off the plant. Take your family and enjoy gathering the fruit. Take lots of pictures. Making jam with the strawberries is fun, and there is lots to be learned in the process.

Collect a quote of the day
Go to the library or Google a theme that is interesting to you and explore. Be inspired by the verses and quotes created by people throughout time. Make a book of them or hang them in your home for a daily dose of inspiration.

Learn one new fact or word a day
You know what they say, "If you don't use it, you'll lose it." Go to the dictionary and open it up to any page and discover a new word. Your vocabulary will be stunning in no time. Learn a new fact every day (you just learned lots about loggerhead turtles). When you find one new fact a day, you'll be surprised at how useful they are to start conversations and how many cool things there are to know. And of course, it goes without saying, you will rule at the game Trivial Pursuit.

Visit a farmers' market
Every time I visit a farmers' market, I see something new. A vegetable I hadn't known before, a cauliflower in a new color or a special cheese made from goat's milk. The colors, smells and people at the market are always inspiring. Learning at a farmers' market is all about taking lots of taste tests. Who knew tests could be so yummy?

Catch fireflies and learn why they light the summer sky
Did you ever wonder why something is like it is? I do. So go and find out. If it's why fireflies light up, catch a bunch with the kids and search the Internet for answers. Light up your curiosity and let it shine.

Watch all the movies by one actor or director
If you love movies, have your own personal film festival. Rent all the movies created by one director or about a place or that showcases one actress you love. Become an expert on the things you love.

Read an autobiography of someone you are interested in
Is there someone who fascinates you, intrigues you, that you would love to know more about? Start investigating. Look to find an autobiography or a biography about the person, and get to know her. Discover who and what influenced her, and learn her story. You'll not only learn a lot about another person, I promise you that along the way you'll learn about yourself as well.

Volunteer and help others
Is there a cause, an issue or a problem that you care about? If so, do something about it. Join a group, volunteer with a church, go to the local soup kitchen, work for a candidate or help at the hospital. Find a way to get involved. You will learn more about what you care about. Learn how to work with others toward a common cause and ultimately learn how to make a positive difference in our world.

Consider keeping a journal that documents the lessons found in the everyday. Write down a new word and its meaning, a quote you discovered, a fact, the name and songs from a new musician you just fell in love with or a new recipe that you fancy.

Remember there is no right or wrong, just what inspires you and sparks your curious spirit. Become a student of everyday lessons and allow the world to become your school. Imagine the possibilities.