Make each Monday a day to start fresh and create change in your life and in the lives of others. Get ideas on ways to make your Mondays matter—stop talking about being of service and actually take action!
Your day.  Your Day
Understand just how much you matter.
Cigarettes.  No Nicotine
Let today be the first day of your tobacco-free life.
Thank a teacher.  Thank a Teacher
Take time to show your child's teachers that they are valued and respected.
Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Protect the planet's resources and preserve your environment by changing your habits.
Respect the disabled.  Respect the Disabled
By being more aware, respectful and helpful, you can make someone's life a little bit easier.
Meditate or pray.  Meditate or Pray
Find out how these spiritual practices can improve your mind, body and spirit.
Donate clothes.  Donate Clothes
Help someone stay warm, dress well for a job interview or have a new outfit for school.
Get involved with foster kids.  Get Involved with Foster Kids
Make a difference in the life of a foster child today.
Use online bill pay.  Use Online Bill Pay
It's fast, easy and safe—why wouldn't you bank online?
Listen, Play, Appreciate Music.  Listen, Play, Appreciate Music
Find out why music is the universal language of love.
Give a hug. Give a Hug
Share the gift of love with the people who you care about most.
Choose canvas bags. Choose Canvas Bags
Instead of using paper or plastic bags when you shop, bring your own canvas bag.
Thank a local law enforcement officer. Thank a Local Law Enforcement Officer
Show your appreciation for those who protect you.
Have fun with an elderly person. Have Fun with an Elderly Person
Spend time with people who are wiser than you. You'll learn something and have a good time!
Donate blood. Donate Blood
Think of how many lives you'd save if you made time to donate blood today.
Mentor a child. Mentor a Child
You may not know what to say or do, but at least you care.
Be neighborly.Be Neighborly
Get off your couch and spend some time with your neighbors.
Go exercise.Go Exercise
Improve your health and well-being by adding physical activity to your routine.
Pick up litter.Pick Up Litter
Dedicate time to saving the planet by getting rid of litter.
Read a book.Read a Book
Inspire your soul and let your creativity flow by reading a book.
Don't drive over the speed limit.Don't Drive Over the Speed Limit
What's the big rush? Why you should stop speeding.
Treat the homeless with dignity.Treat the Homeless with Dignity
Give people without a place to live some respect.
Create a back-to-school backpack.Create a Back-to-School Backpack
Gather school supplies for a child in need.
Write a note of gratitude.Write a Note of Gratitude
Write a note of appreciation to someone in your life who deserves it.
No fast food.No Fast Food
Get rid of unwanted fat and carbohydrates by not eating fast food.
Protect yourself from identity theft.Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
You protect your personal belongings, so why not protect your identity?
Support a global cause.Support a Global Cause
Get involved in an organization and create change around the world.
Plant a tree.Plant a Tree
This simple act can improve our air quality, save energy and more!
Don't honk.Don't Honk
Help reduce noise-induced hearing loss.
Get tested.Get Tested
Take action to stop passing along life-threatening infections.
Thank a firefighter.Thank a Firefighter
Recognize the positive impact firefighters have on your community.
Learn CPR.Learn CPR
What if knowing CPR could help save a life?
Don't flick your cigarette butt.Don't Flick Your Cigarette Butt
Cigarette butt litter isn't just's hazardous.
Adopt a pet.Adopt a Pet
If you're thinking about getting a pet, consider adopting and save a pet's life.
Show your smile.Show Your Smile
Happiness leads to smiling, and smiling leads to happiness! Why not share it with others?
Donate your organs.Register to Donate Your Organs
Save others' lives by giving your organs and tissue.
Neighborhood watch sign.Support Neighborhood Watch
Unite as a community to keep your neighborhood safe.
Save your car, the roads and gasoline by sharing a ride to work.
Create, support and appreciate art.Create, Support, Appreciate Art
Get involved in the art community in any way that you can.
Donate booksDonate Books
Give away your unwanted books to local libraries and schools.
Protect yourself onlineParty with a Purpose
Instead of receiving gifts, have friends and family donate to worthy causes.
Protect yourself onlineRegister to Vote
Take the first step to make change happen.
Protect yourself onlineChange Your Lightbulbs??
Be eco-friendly and switch to Energy Star–labeled lightbulbs.
Protect yourself onlineProtect Yourself with Internet Safety??
Keep yourself safe from identity theft online.
Help the hungryHelp the Hungry
Donate food or volunteer your time to help those who can't afford to eat.
American flagWrite a Letter to a U.S. Military Hero??
Brighten the day of a soldier who is overseas ensuring your freedom.
Get rid of junk mailGet Rid of Junk Mail
Save trees, waste and more by eliminating unwanted mail.
Eat HealthyEat Healthy??
Don't live to eat—instead, eat to live!
Prepare for an EmergencyPrepare for an Emergency
Predict the unpredictable.
Have AMBER Alerts Sent to YouHave AMBER Alerts Sent to You
Help save the lives of missing children.
Turn Off Your TVTurn Off Your TV
Give up TV for just one day a week.
What Matters MostWhat Matters Most to You?
Make the things that mean the most a high priority.


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