Section 3: Body, Mind, Spirit
  1. I eat food that's not good for me.
  2. Something about my physical appearance bothers me.
  3. It's been too long since I've been to the dentist.
  4. I do not get the sleep I need to feel fully rested.
  5. I'd like to exercise regularly but never seem to find the time.
  6. I have a health concern for which I've avoided getting help.
  7. I have emotional needs that consistently go unmet.
  8. There are books that I'd love to read but never seem to find the time for.
  9. I lack personal interests that are intellectually stimulating.
  10. I lack a spiritual or religious practice in my life.
Section 4: Work
  1. I no longer enjoy my job and have a hard time showing up each day.
  2. My work is stressful and leaves me exhausted at the end of the day.
  3. My office is disorganized, my desk is a mess, and I have trouble finding what I need.
  4. I'm avoiding a confrontation or conflict at work.
  5. I tolerate bad behavior from a boss or coworker.
  6. I am not computer literate, and it gets in the way of my productivity.
  7. I lack the proper office equipment that I need to do my job well.
  8. My work does not allow me to express my creativity.
  9. I know I need to delegate specific tasks but I am unable to let go of control.
  10. I feel overwhelmed with the amount of information that enters my life in the form of mail, books, magazines and e-mail.
Section 5: Money
  1. I have tax returns that are not filed or taxes are not paid.
  2. I pay my bills late.
  3. I spend more than I earn.
  4. I don't have a plan for my financial future.
  5. My credit rating is not what I'd like it to be.
  6. I do not have a regular savings plan.
  7. I do not have adequate insurance coverage.
  8. My mortgage rate is too high, and I need to refinance.
  9. I have debt that needs to be paid off.
  10. My will is not up to date.

Based on Clean Sweep© 1994 Coach University


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