Core Questions: Learn what are you avoiding.   Lifestyle expert Cheryl Richardson says there are potentially three big energy drains in your life:
  • Not believing you have a choice
  • Not being able to say "no"
  • Not finding support
Answer the following questions:
  1. Are you avoiding or neglecting an area of your life? Why?
    For example: Cleaning out the basement? Going through your wardrobe? Writing a family member? Look at what you're avoiding in your life and ask yourself why.
  2. Cheryl says there are "cords of energy" connecting you to past, present and future—everything undone or incomplete in your life drains you. What are you worrying about? Trying not to think about? From what areas of your life are the cords pulling? Write these down explore the reasons why.
  3. Identify what areas the cords flow easily to. Which areas of your life please you? Write these down.
  4. Finally, ask yourself, "If I eliminated these drains, how would my life change?"

Now review your answers. You've taken the first step to recognizing what is draining you in your life.     Could your energy drains be causing illness and disease? Learn the signs.


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