Practice these simple techniques recommended by Dr. Tracy Gaudet. Start to listen to your body and live a healthier lifestyle.

Practice this ancient yoga tradition: Breathe in four counts, hold for seven counts, out for eight counts, resting the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth on the ridge behind your teeth. Repeat four times.

Take a mental vacation. Invite an image of a relaxing and safe place. The key is not just to think about this place, but to "put" yourself there. This may be a place that you've visited or have never even seen. When you're "in" that place, notice details—the temperature, the sounds, the smells—and take note of how you feel.

Let the Breathing Space Gallery help you visualize.

Use Your Passion
Remember things that bring you joy—music, laughter, dancing, crafts. Find ways to integrate these activities in your life and be conscious of doing them. For example, dance in your living room every night or listen to comedy tapes in your car. When you do what you love, you support your health. Need help remembering what brings you joy?

1. Check your posture. Where do you hold your head? Is it in front of you? If so, you're probably always thinking about what you have to do in the future. Are you wearing your shoulders as earrings? If so, your neck and back are probably very tense.
2. Realign your head and body—rock your head back and forth to find your comfortable spot. Consciously lower your shoulders—you'll find that by changing the position of your body, you actually can change your hormonal levels. Remember to do this throughout the day!

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