Dr. Tracy Gaudet explains that women experience symptoms of stress 30 percent more often than men.

Ask yourself the following questions from Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D., M.Ac., medical director of Whole Health New England, Inc., to determine if the stress in your life is unhealthy.

Check Your Heartbeat
Is it racing past 30 beats in 20 seconds?

Check Your Breathing
Are you taking more than 6 breaths in 20 seconds?

Check Your Thoughts
Are you angry?
Are your thoughts racing?
Do you dwell on the same thoughts over and over?

Check Your Voice
Does your voice sound tight, high and squeaky?
Are your words rushed?

Check Your Posture
Are your shoulders getting close to your ears?
Does your upper back and neck feel tight and constricted?

Check Your Hands and Feet
Are you hands cold or clenched?
Do your toes curl?   If you find that you have answered "yes" to some of these questions, start to listen to your body and live a healthier life with Dr. Gaudet's following techniques.


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