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Sadly, too often, we hear phrases that call for us to get our heads out of the clouds and come down to earth and that ask us to stop dreaming dreams because they will never come true. 

Sometimes these voices come from others, and sometimes they come from ourselves. For far too long we have underestimated the power and possibility that life is the act of dreaming what can be and that we all have to do the work it takes to make our dreams a reality.
Each human being is a gift, and we each have our own unique dream and purpose for living. We each must mine our imaginations, creativity and souls to uncover our true purposes and passions.

Our dreams are magic, and if respected, nurtured and honored, they ultimately bring an abundance of meaning and purpose to our lives. Dreams guide us as we reach for the stars, follow our heart's desire and do the things we are passionate about. Dreams help weave the fabric of who we are, and they reveal what matters most to us. They allow our spirits to shine, and they reflect our uniqueness and authenticity.

Although we sometimes hear the call to put our dreams aside, louder, clearer and more powerful voices remind and connect us to the truth, beauty and wealth of our dreams.

Throughout history, poets, songwriters, novelists, politicians, social activists, countries, companies, presidents, moms, dads and people just like you have expressed the importance of the act of dreaming and of reaching toward those dreams. These voices also inspire and remind us that there is a common thread that connects one heart to another. That thread is the belief and optimism in a brighter future when we embrace and pursue our dreams.

When we look around, we see others who have embraced their dreams, and we admire them. We see the great changes that can come from one person's commitment, perseverance and belief in her dream. We see the power of dreams manifested around us in our neighborhoods, churches, communities, states, the country and the world.

We, too, want to make our own dreams come true. We all want to connect, to speak from our hearts. We yearn to create dreams as well as things and moments that make our lives worthwhile. We want to convey what words alone cannot as we accomplish our dreams.

Yet, not enough of us even acknowledge the desire to create the lives we imagine or try to make our dreams come true. Too often we diminish the importance of our dreams by saying, "I'll get to it later" or "It can wait." Our inner critic can be heard saying, "I'll never get it accomplished," "My dream doesn't really matter" or "I probably can't do it any way, and people will think it's silly."

The truth is, we all need more opportunities to dream, to imagine and to play. We long to feel the sensation of being lost in a moment of joy. To laugh, discover, experiment, invent, feel accomplished and live in the moment.

Dreaming is the way we define what matters to us and what we wish to accomplish and do in the world with this one life.
There comes a day when each of us has to decide that today is the day we are going to put our fears and excuses aside, follow our heart's desire and pursue our dreams.

Let today be that day for you. Get started by taking these ideas to heart:

  • Today is the day to heed and acknowledge the importance of your dreams.
  • Today is the day to declare that you can and will create the life you imagine.
  • Today is the day to stop diminishing your dreams and start believing in them.
  • Today is the day to stop putting your dreams aside and stop asking them to wait.
  • Today is the day to shut your inner critic up and instead of saying, "No, I can't," say, "Yes, I can!"
  • Today, nurture and support yourself.
  • Today, you are teacher and a student.
  • Today and every day is your day.
  • Today is the day you let your dreams take flight.
Our dreams come in all sizes and shapes.

Whether it is a dream
  • to hear the voice of a long lost friend
  • to make holiday cards by hand
  • to learn to bake a cake that people can't get enough of
  • to sing or play the cello
  • to get an education
  • to climb a mountain
  • to help another human being
  • to start a business
  • to paint a picture
  • to find the love of your life
  • to teach English in a remote village in India
  • to take a trip to Spain
  • to be closer to a sister
  • to walk in the sand at the beach
  • to be a doctor
Some dreams are small but touch lives in a big way; others are big and touch a small group of people in a remote area of the world. But all dreams are important.

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