There comes a day when each of us has to decide that today is the day we are going to put our fears and excuses aside, follow our heart's desire and pursue our dreams.

Let today be that day for you. Get started by taking these ideas to heart:

  • Today is the day to heed and acknowledge the importance of your dreams.
  • Today is the day to declare that you can and will create the life you imagine.
  • Today is the day to stop diminishing your dreams and start believing in them.
  • Today is the day to stop putting your dreams aside and stop asking them to wait.
  • Today is the day to shut your inner critic up and instead of saying, "No, I can't," say, "Yes, I can!"
  • Today, nurture and support yourself.
  • Today, you are teacher and a student.
  • Today and every day is your day.
  • Today is the day you let your dreams take flight.
Our dreams come in all sizes and shapes.

Whether it is a dream
  • to hear the voice of a long lost friend
  • to make holiday cards by hand
  • to learn to bake a cake that people can't get enough of
  • to sing or play the cello
  • to get an education
  • to climb a mountain
  • to help another human being
  • to start a business
  • to paint a picture
  • to find the love of your life
  • to teach English in a remote village in India
  • to take a trip to Spain
  • to be closer to a sister
  • to walk in the sand at the beach
  • to be a doctor
Some dreams are small but touch lives in a big way; others are big and touch a small group of people in a remote area of the world. But all dreams are important.

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