"Kwanzaa is a time when we honor our heritage, give special thanks for the harvest of good in our lives. We remember our glorious past, and celebrate the best of what it means to be who we are. It is a time when we gather in the spirit of family and community, to celebrate life, love, unity, and hope."

"Kwanzaa is a celebration of family, community, and culture. Each year Kwanzaa brings millions of families together to celebrate 7 days of African American traditions, stories, poetry, music, and food."

"Today Kwanzaa is the fastest growing holiday's, with more then 20 million celebrants around the world."

"We are all shaped in the image of the creator, and we are all capable of righteousness in discipline and practice. Let us have faith in ourselves, in our creator, in our mothers and fathers, in our grandmothers and grandfathers, in our elders, in our youth, and in our future."

"While Kwanzaa's roots are embedded in Africa's rich soil, its broad branches and colorful leaves grew from the African American experience, and later found expression throughout the worldwide African communities. From the depths of our struggles, to the heights of our victories, even when faced with ferocious adversity, indeed it is our remarkable courage that brought about significant changes in every conceivable sphere of American life."

For more information on Kwanzaa watch the documentary The Black Candle, narrated by Dr. Angelou. The DVD is available for purchase at www.theblackcandle.com.


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