'Tis the season? Yes, it is— but Donna Brazile would like to mention a few other occasions ripe for gift giving:
1. When an out-of-town guest asks to stay with you
Perfect time to deliver a hotel voucher. If you have the means, the luxury of a little space allows you to enjoy each other's company even more.

2. The anniversary of the death of a parent
Losing family hurts like nothing else. Sending your friend a little something lets her know you're thinking about her on a difficult day.

3. Always-a-Bridesmaid Day
I've spent thousands on showers, weddings, babies—and for the record, I'm happy to do it—but sometimes it feels as if the world is built for couples. A small token for those of us who never married or had children? That's nice.

4. Lifelong-Friends Day
Okay, this is another holiday that doesn't actually exist, but I think it should, so how about we start it together?

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