We all want to understand why we are here. Why do some people know it, while others struggle for a clue? Caroline Myss can help you find your purpose in life, and discover who you were born to be!
What Is a Sacred Contract?
We all have one. What does it mean? How does it influence our lives?

Defining Archetypes
They provide the foundation for our personalities— what is an archetype?

Discover Your Purpose
We're all seeking to discover our mission in life. According to Caroline, there are three steps to set you on your path .
Each of us is born with a sacred contract—a reason or purpose for being alive. Your sacred contract is what you are "meant to do" during your lifetime. You can also have sacred contracts with other people and learn why you were meant to know them.

In order to abide by your sacred contracts, follow these steps:
  • Appreciate your life. When you look at your life without gratitude, you can't appreciate how it's all trying to come together to get you to the next place.
  • Realize you are special. Every life, especially your own, has something special to offer, and your real job is to figure that out.
  • Let your spirit resolve issues with adversaries. If you can see how that person has helped you grow, you can learn about yourself and discover why you were meant to know that person.
  • Let it sink in. You will know when you have a sacred contract with another person. You'll feel the energy between you. Whether it's "I know you" or "I don't want to know you," you are helping your spirit.
Discovering Why You Are Here | Defining Archetypes | Discovering Your Purpose
An archetype can be described as a pattern of behavior that makes up your personality. It helps you live your life to its fullest by providing the foundation of our self. We all carry the four basic archetypes:
  • The Child : Longs to be light-hearted, innocent and expectant of the wonders of tomorrow. Has a playful quality at times and can bring out a parental quality in others to communicate. Will retreat after a disagreement.
  • The Victim : Does not take responsibility for her own well-being or happiness. Can bring out the need in you to develop self-esteem, stand up and take care of yourself.
  • The Saboteur : Runs away from opportunities and the sacred contract that can lead to happiness. Is frightened of life and good things, so turns away from them.
  • The Prostitute : Helps people face the parts of themselves that will negotiate their self-worth. Gives herself "away" too much to gain pleasures that don't contribute to her well-being.
How Can Archetypes Give Meaning to Your Life?
Your archetypes are your guides. If you can identify them, you will be able to lead a complete life in which each part of yourself is fulfilled. For example, if you call yourself an "artist," you will need to express yourself as an artist in some manner in this lifetime, or else you may feel restless, incomplete or unhappy.

Discovering Why You Are Here | Your Sacred Contract | Discovering Your Purpose
The best way to discover meaning in your life can be figured out in three steps:

Know yourself. Lack of self-understanding and direction can lead to emotional stress, depression or illness. Knowing yourself is not only important to your mind, but your body and spirit as well. The further you stray from your mission in life, the more out of sync your life's energy will be.

Know your behavioral patterns. Every life is lived by archetypal patterns that offer insight into your psyche. You will gain insight into your life's mission if you notice your personality patterns. Every part of you has its role, no matter how painful or joyful it may be.
  • Exercise: Start with the word always , as in "I always feel ______," or "I always do _______." Any time you find an always in your life, there's an archetype there.

    Try the exercise in your journal and explore how you can make the archetype work for you.
Find a path of appreciation. If you don't appreciate what you have in life right now, whatever it is, you will never realize your purpose. Without appreciation, you will never become strong enough to respect yourself.

Discovering Why You Are Here | Your Sacred Contract | Defining Archetypes


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