An archetype can be described as a pattern of behavior that makes up your personality. It helps you live your life to its fullest by providing the foundation of our self. We all carry the four basic archetypes:
  • The Child : Longs to be light-hearted, innocent and expectant of the wonders of tomorrow. Has a playful quality at times and can bring out a parental quality in others to communicate. Will retreat after a disagreement.
  • The Victim : Does not take responsibility for her own well-being or happiness. Can bring out the need in you to develop self-esteem, stand up and take care of yourself.
  • The Saboteur : Runs away from opportunities and the sacred contract that can lead to happiness. Is frightened of life and good things, so turns away from them.
  • The Prostitute : Helps people face the parts of themselves that will negotiate their self-worth. Gives herself "away" too much to gain pleasures that don't contribute to her well-being.
How Can Archetypes Give Meaning to Your Life?
Your archetypes are your guides. If you can identify them, you will be able to lead a complete life in which each part of yourself is fulfilled. For example, if you call yourself an "artist," you will need to express yourself as an artist in some manner in this lifetime, or else you may feel restless, incomplete or unhappy.

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