Each of us is born with a sacred contract—a reason or purpose for being alive. Your sacred contract is what you are "meant to do" during your lifetime. You can also have sacred contracts with other people and learn why you were meant to know them.

In order to abide by your sacred contracts, follow these steps:
  • Appreciate your life. When you look at your life without gratitude, you can't appreciate how it's all trying to come together to get you to the next place.
  • Realize you are special. Every life, especially your own, has something special to offer, and your real job is to figure that out.
  • Let your spirit resolve issues with adversaries. If you can see how that person has helped you grow, you can learn about yourself and discover why you were meant to know that person.
  • Let it sink in. You will know when you have a sacred contract with another person. You'll feel the energy between you. Whether it's "I know you" or "I don't want to know you," you are helping your spirit.
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