A Shared Purpose

"I feel like I have a really big purpose, but I feel stuck. I don't know how to begin," said Susan, a 38-year-old drama teacher.
"When did you first feel like you had a big purpose?" I asked.
"About four years old, or even earlier," she replied.
"Who or what has helped you the most to get clear about what your big purpose is?" I asked.
Susan paused for a moment. "Nothing and no one," she replied. "I guess I've been trying to work it out by myself."
"That's why you feel stuck," I told her.

Be clear about this: Your purpose is bigger than your ego. All too often, the ego—the voice in your head that believes you are separate from everyone else—wants you to find your purpose so you will feel special, unique, superior and less neurotic than others. However, to discover your purpose, you have to be willing to connect to something bigger than your ego (your "mini me", to quote Austin Powers). Connection is the key to inspiration.

It is the spiritual imperative of every human to overcome his or her perceived sense of aloneness. This is the key to big, real, meaningful, juicy success. Your purpose is to heal the illusion of separation and realize your oneness with creation. Why is this important? Because your purpose is not just about you; it involves your family, your friends and ultimately all of humanity. Knowing this helps you to open yourself up to inspiration and help from other people, from the divine, from nature and from life itself.

Exercise 1: At the deepest level, the human race has a shared purpose. Ask yourself then, "What do I think is the purpose of humanity?" I know this is a BIG question, but don't let your ego put you off. You are a fully paid member of the human race and are equally qualified, along with everyone else, to answer this question. Be still and listen. Visualize how humanity needs to grow and how you want to grow. Think about what the human race still needs to learn and what you need to learn. Reflect on what is your shared purpose with all of humanity.

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